Friday, August 17, 2012

Rome To Reformation: Week 1

The first week of school has been AMAZING and very PRODUCTIVE. We started our new school year off welcoming our new friend into our family. She is a 7th grader and will be doing home school with us this year. Here is a few of our projects we did this week:
Here are the girls reading their bible. This week they learned how the bible came to us...
The girls getting ready to make their cell...
Sweetie putting beans into the cells..It was kinda gross and squishy..
Counting peas to put into the cell..
Peanut checking out the cell...
This is our cell. This week the girls studied the cell. We made lemon jello (cytoplasm) and put it into a plastic bag (cell membrane). A grape represents the nucleus. Beans represent mitochondria and green peas to represent lysosomes. This activity was really fun.

They also learned, "How Materials Enter and Exit a Cell"...Here are some pictures from this activity...
The purpose of this activity was to symbolize how size affects movement of particles through a cell membrane. This activity taught that cell membranes act like the colander, allowing only those particles small enough to pass through the holes (the salt).

We began our history class by learning about Rome. This kids learned that Roman children, who were rich enough to get an education, wrote on clay tablets. Here are the clay tablets they made. Just another fun activity.
Here is Daddy cutting up the frames the night before the activity.
Here are the frames put together...
Pumpkin and Sweetie rolling out the clay.
Mommy and Peanut rolling out the dough for her clay tablet...
Peanut excited that she got to do her own clay tablet. I included my 2 year old because David Hazell said to include them in projects.
The finished clay tablets....


  1. Wow Belinda, looks like your doing an awesome job. It takes a lot of decipline, motivation, and patience to do what you are doing. I've had to homeschool some of my kids for different reasons when the were in grade school and it wasn't easy. I give you a lot of credit and condradulations for doing such a great job.

  2. Can I hire you when ur ready to work for me ;-) maybe a consultant